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DSA Ocean is a marine technology company driven to solve problems and provide assurance to the ocean industries we serve. Our diverse ocean engineering experience has taught us to be agile and collaborative in providing our clients with practical and sustainable solutions. Our expertise in how marine structures are impacted by wind, waves and currents have informed our development of the dynamic analysis software – ProteusDS.

We provide practical engineering services that enable ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the effect of currents, winds and waves on their vessels, technologies, and projects. We specialize in marine hydrodynamics and mooring design for a range of applications, including oceanography, marine energy, and aquaculture.

We’ve created and licensed the marine dynamic analysis software ProteusDS for the ocean industries we serve. Key applications include floating tidal energy platforms, fish farms, WECs, and oceanographic moorings. We also support and license the seakeeping & maneuvering software ShipMo3D.

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DSA provides professional marine consulting services focused on moorings, anchoring, dynamic analysis, marine hydrodynamics, CFD, third-party verification and coastal engineering. We serve diverse ocean sectors, including aquaculture, fisheries, defence, marine renewables, naval architecture, ocean technology, and energy. 

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Dynamic analysis using ProteusDS enables ocean industry professionals to quickly and efficiently determine the effect of wind, waves, and currents on equipment and structures to ensure performance, reliability, and safety. License ProteusDS to analyze systems such as oceanographic moorings, fish farm moorings, barge moorings, tidal energy platforms, and wave energy devices.


ShipMo3D is a seakeeping and maneuvering hydrodynamics software developed by Defence R&D Canada, an agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence. It can be licensed for commercial use through DSA. It is used by Naval Architects and hydrodynamicists to assess the vessel performance in waves and moderate forward speed.


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