Current, wind, and waves are our business.

We are an expert team of ocean engineering consultants and the creators of the marine dynamic analysis software ProteusDS.

What we do

DSA Ocean provides practical engineering services that enable ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the effect of currents, winds and waves on their vessels, technologies, and projects. We specialize in marine hydrodynamics and mooring design for a range of applications, including oceanography, marine energy, and aquaculture.

In addition to providing consulting services to ocean industries, we have created the marine dynamic analysis software ProteusDS. Key applications of the software include floating tidal energy platforms, fish farms, WECs, and oceanographic moorings. DSA Ocean also support and license the seakeeping & maneuvering software ShipMo3D.

Where we came from

In 2005, DSA Ocean co-founders Ryan Nicoll and Dean Steinke were graduate mechanical engineering students at the University of Victoria. While at university Ryan and Dean were working within the Subsea Robotics Laboratory. Here, the DSA Ocean co-founders developed numerical models of flexible marine structures (risers, cables) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Through their research, Ryan and Dean developed the basis of DSA Ocean’s ProteusDS simulation software. In the summer of 2006 Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. (now DSA Ocean) was founded with the mission to commercialize the software Ryan and Dean had been working with, and provide consulting services to marine industries.

A core component of the ProteusDS dynamic analysis software package was the advanced finite-element cable model pioneered by Dr. Brad Buckham, an associate professor at the University of Victoria. DSA Ocean maintains a close working relationship with Dr. Buckham and other researchers at UVic. DSA Ocean’s software is used in education and research settings at leading research organizations around the world.

Over the past decade and a half, ProteusDS has developed into a full-featured hydrodynamic, mechanical and marine dynamic analysis software package. This customizable, validated, and efficient software is the heart of DSA Ocean’s business.

DSA Ocean has been propelled forward by its close working relationships with its customers. Our business has grown organically through word-of-mouth and considerate collaboration with our suppliers and clients.

Where we are today

Today, DSA has grown to 13 employees with diverse backgrounds, with offices on the east and west coasts of Canada. DSA Ocean works with companies all over the world in a wide range of marine industries such as: