Western Economic Diversification

Dynamic Systems Analysis recently took part in an initiative with Marine Renewables Canada to further emphasize the opportunity that marine renewables can bring to Canada.  DSA submitted a  letter of support to the Western Diversification Program to demonstrate the opportunities and benefits industry development is creating for local businesses, communities, and organizations across Canada.

The purpose of this outreach initiative is to broaden the current dialogue around marine renewable energy companies to ensure they have opportunities to provide expertise and solutions to the growing marine renewable energy market.

To whom it may concern:

RE: Western Diversification Program Call for Proposals – Marine Renewables Canada’s Supplier Engagement and Development Initiative

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd.(DSA) strongly supports Marine Renewables Canada’s proposal for its Supplier Engagement and Development Initiative which is aimed at supporting Western Canadian companies (namely SMEs) in participating and benefiting from the emerging marine renewable energy sector. As a new cleantech sector, marine renewable energy development requires a range of enabling technologies, expertise, and innovation that is currently present in Western Canada.

Marine Renewables Canada’s past work with its membership in British Columbia, Manitoba, and other areas of Canada has been successful in helping Canadian companies gain new business development opportunities and carving out a leadership role for Canada in this new cleantech sector. We are particularly pleased to see Marine Renewables Canada leveraging past work and current funding from other sources to ensure that Western Canadian companies and organisations can play a role in local, national, and international marine renewable energy advancement.

DSA is an ocean engineering consultancy and software company. We provide progressive and accessible dynamic analysis software and expertise which makes it possible for ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the motions and loads on vessels, structures, lines, and technologies in marine environments.

Over the years DSA has thrived providing engineering services as part of a growing supply chain to companies developing renewable energy technologies destined for areas like the Bay of Fundy, across Canada and around the world.

DSA has invested and will continue to invest, in developing our dynamic analysis software, ProteusDS, which will continue to contribute to advancing marine renewable energy. However, because this is an emerging technology there is a need for continued support to assist companies/SMEs in participating in the sector and developing solutions that have global applications.

We fully support Marine Renewables Canada’s proposal and look forward to the work the association will do to catalyze and facilitate development of a national marine renewable energy industry in which Western Canadian companies play an important role.