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Join the interactive Oceanographic Mooring Design Seminar at the Buoy Workshop September 19, 2022

When designing moorings, it’s easy to get lost in the details of all the parts you need

Purpose-built software is needed to make it easy to find parts, arrange them, and adjust them into a design. ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer is a free purpose-built software tool for oceanographic mooring design. But learning any new software takes time.

Quickly learn the ins and outs of ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer in a training session during the Buoy Workshop. We’ll cover the design process and create basic mooring designs with the software. Use the interactive training session to ask questions on software use and collaborate with others in the oceanographic mooring sector.

The Design Process is not always a straight shot. The Mooring Design Seminar covers these points, but stays focused on Detailed Design with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer.

Attend the training session virtually or face to face

In partnership with MTS and the Buoy Workshop, a room at the Cape Fear Community College will be used for the training session. Just like the Buoy Workshop has virtual or face-to-face attendance, the training is delivered virtually, so you can meet with the group or through a weblink from any location.

Details on the Mooring Design Seminar session:

who: DSA Ocean CTO Ryan Nicoll will host the Mooring Design Seminar via Zoom


when:  Monday, September 19, from 14:00-16:00 Eastern Time


where: via Zoom and also via meeting room at the Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC. Zoom link and meeting room details on the meeting room are provided after you register for the Buoy Workshop.


what will be covered: an overview of the design process and how to assemble simple mooring designs with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer


how much does it cost: It is included with your Buoy Workshop registration


what you need to attend: You’ll need a Windows PC laptop that can run Zoom and the freely available ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer. Download Designer from this direct link:

Read more on ProteusDS Oceanographic here:

Register for the Buoy Workshop to join the interactive Mooring Design Seminar with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer

Read more and register for the Buoy Workshop here:


Top Reasons To Invest In ProteusDS Training

We work in technology-rich workplaces, where we need to keep skills current to ensure that the companies we work for stay competitive. Professional development has many benefits, and DSA wants to help you and your business to continue running effectively and efficiently.

Image of a keyboard with typing fingers


Whether you are a new ProteusDS user or a seasoned pro, regular professional development and software training can build skills within your company that will improve your bottom-line by ensuring you are using the most effective tools and processes.

We’ve compiled some of the top reasons to invest in ProteusDS software training:

#1 Keep up with industry changes

Ocean engineering best practices are always evolving, to avoid being left behind it’s important for you and your business to keep on top of them. At DSA we work across many ocean sectors which give us a tremendous knowledge base to draw upon in training sessions. To the benefit of all attendees, standards and recommended practices for analyses are frequently discussed during training.

#2 Keep in touch with the latest features

New features within ProteusDS are developed all the time! Our team announces these advancements in all our major releases updates. In a training session, you can discover first-hand how these new features are used. In addition, not every feature is discussed in the tutorials or in release announcements. We often dive into these lesser-known features in our training sessions.

#3 Keep one step ahead of the competition

Training helps users be more productive and efficient. Huge investments in tools without the appropriate training can signify inefficiencies that affect your company’s competitiveness. We find that users who invest in training find new and better ways to ProteusDS that save their businesses time and money.

#4 Keep connected with the software developers

Training with the software developers has three significant benefits. First, you are learning from the experts. Second, if you are encountering complex issues or have concerns with your simulations these issues are addressed quickly and efficiently.  Lastly, training sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for you to give feedback to DSA that can guide future developments that will make your ProteusDS usage more efficient and tailored to your specific needs.


Image of ProteusDS training in Singapore

A.J. Baron, Project Engineer with DSA leading ProteusDS training in Singapore, March 2017



Interested in learning more about ProteusDS training options? Want to book training today?

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September user workshop & training

ProteusDS logo blue


September user workshop & training in Victoria, BC


About ProteusDS training

If you want to maximize your ProteusDS investment, there’s no better way than giving you or your people the skills to use ProteusDS to its fullest extent. That’s why we offer a range of training options, from small in-person classes, to virtual training, self-led tutorials, and private workshops.


Course type: ProteusDS user workshop & training

When: September 7th & 8th 2016

Where: Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina

A special rate of $145 CAD/night is available at the hotel. Mention Dynamic Systems Analysis while booking to take advantage. We recommend you reserve rooms early as September in Victoria is considered “high” tourist season and hotel rooms are limited.


Early Bird (before July 31st): $750 CAD

Regular (after July 31st): $1000 CAD

Student rate: $500 CAD




Who should attend?

  • New users
  • Prospective users
  • Existing users looking to refresh or build skills and
  • Technologists, engineers, and scientists deploying and designing moorings

Key topics

  • Single and multiple leg moorings
  • Subsurface moorings
  • Automated mooring report tools
  • Tidal energy platforms
  • Wave energy converters
  • Towed bodies
  • Booms and floating pipes
  • Aquaculture net systems
  • Tug, barge, and towed systems
  • Simulating cables, moorings, chains in the marine environment
  • Details in finite element line modelling: meshing, damping, hysteresis
  • Details in floating structure hydrodynamics modelling: meshing and wave radiation/diffraction effects
  • Environmental effects including current, tides, waves, wind effects and
  • Optimizing simulations for speed

Course fees include a ProteusDS Pro license for use in the workshop, workshop, coffee breaks, and lunch. Attendees must bring their own laptops (Windows) capable of running ProteusDS.

All places are reserved on a first come first served basis. To reserve your spot please contact:

Lauren Dunn
either by email lauren.dunn@dsa-ltd.ca
or phone 902-407-3722 ext 109