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September user workshop & training

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September user workshop & training in Victoria, BC


About ProteusDS training

If you want to maximize your ProteusDS investment, there’s no better way than giving you or your people the skills to use ProteusDS to its fullest extent. That’s why we offer a range of training options, from small in-person classes, to virtual training, self-led tutorials, and private workshops.


Course type: ProteusDS user workshop & training

When: September 7th & 8th 2016

Where: Coast Victoria Harbourside Hotel & Marina

A special rate of $145 CAD/night is available at the hotel. Mention Dynamic Systems Analysis while booking to take advantage. We recommend you reserve rooms early as September in Victoria is considered “high” tourist season and hotel rooms are limited.


Early Bird (before July 31st): $750 CAD

Regular (after July 31st): $1000 CAD

Student rate: $500 CAD




Who should attend?

  • New users
  • Prospective users
  • Existing users looking to refresh or build skills and
  • Technologists, engineers, and scientists deploying and designing moorings

Key topics

  • Single and multiple leg moorings
  • Subsurface moorings
  • Automated mooring report tools
  • Tidal energy platforms
  • Wave energy converters
  • Towed bodies
  • Booms and floating pipes
  • Aquaculture net systems
  • Tug, barge, and towed systems
  • Simulating cables, moorings, chains in the marine environment
  • Details in finite element line modelling: meshing, damping, hysteresis
  • Details in floating structure hydrodynamics modelling: meshing and wave radiation/diffraction effects
  • Environmental effects including current, tides, waves, wind effects and
  • Optimizing simulations for speed

Course fees include a ProteusDS Pro license for use in the workshop, workshop, coffee breaks, and lunch. Attendees must bring their own laptops (Windows) capable of running ProteusDS.

All places are reserved on a first come first served basis. To reserve your spot please contact:

Lauren Dunn
either by email lauren.dunn@dsa-ltd.ca
or phone 902-407-3722 ext 109