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Announcing ProteusDS Oceanographic

DSA is pleased to announce the official release of ProteusDS Oceanographic.

Picture credit – James Cappellini, Mooring Systems Inc

What is ProteusDS Oceanographic?

ProteusDS Oceanographic is software that helps you design and build oceanographic moorings. The software is purpose-built to help customers develop and manage all aspects of the mooring design and construction process. It works with parts libraries (e.g. shackles, rope, chain, instruments, etc) and allows customers to test their mooring’s response to wind, currents, and waves, leveraging proven dynamic modelling technology. As a design tool, ProteusDS Oceanographic provides assurance for the deployment of moorings in any marine environment.

Why is ProteusDS Oceanographic important?

ProteusDS Oceanographic has many features that are specifically focused to streamline the oceanographic mooring design process. Simply put, DSA has designed it to save customers time and make the design and construction process less error-prone.

How much does ProteusDS Oceanographic cost?

To support the ocean technology community, DSA has developed both free and paid versions. The free version of ProteusDS Oceanographic allows customers to work with parts libraries to rapidly generate mooring layouts and automatically create bills of materials and assembly sheets.

The paid version of ProteusDS Oceanographic allows customers to evaluate the mooring performance in wind, currents, and waves. It includes the ability to plot, report, and visualize the mooring design in real ocean conditions.

Picture credit – Jon Wood, Ocean Data Technologies

Where can I find out more about ProteusDS Oceanographic?

Read more about ProteusDS Oceanographic and download the free version below. To get a quote for the paid version, please email sales@dsaocean.com.