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Release alert: ProteusDS v2.20.0 is now available

We are very excited to announce that the latest update for ProteusDS is here! This update adds some exciting key features, small changes and addresses known issues.

Your existing 2015 download credentials (paid customers only) will work to download the newest version of the software. You can download v2.20.0 on our website and updated tutorials can be found here.

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Key enhancements:


  • Added a new wind-generated current model.
  • Added the ability to import features from previous simulations or part libraries into new projects in PST. In addition DSA has added new part libraries (chain, wire rope, dyneema®) for cables to its website.
  • Added additional visualization options to the pre-visualizer in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added the ability to perform rotations on DObjects in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added support for spherical, universal, and helical ABA connections in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added file output for internal reaction loads for SCable and Cable, printing out to reactionLoads.dat. Gives axial, bending and torsional reaction loads at the boundaries.
  • Added a centre of buoyancy approximation calculation for mesh based features.
  • Added Reynolds number and KC number dependence capability for net drag coefficients.
  • Added the ability to define turbine thrust and torque coefficients as a function of hub relative velocity.
  • Added turbine scheduling capability (shutdowns and restarts).
  • Added ability to read input files line termination styles not previously supported.
  • Added asymmetric drag coefficients for mesh based features. (can define different drag coefficient for backward motion than for forward motion).


  • Changed the default generation method for wave segments to improve energy realization in the sea state. Note that this change will result in a slightly different sea state being generated than in previous versions. If the identical sea state must be used, please refer to the $WaveType functionality to import an existing WaveParameters.dat file
  • Modified the cable re-meshing functionality in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox to allow users to specify custom element lengths
  • Extended wave spectrum file output to include directional spreading information
  • DNet panel solidity will now be overridden if limit is violated to avoid numerical ill conditioning.
  • Drag loading is split into hydro and wind drag loading in the dragLoading.dat file for mesh based hydrodynamic features.
  • Made changes to RigidBodys so that when the $CB is out of the water its $Buoyancy force ceases to be applied.
  • Documentation Change: Angular joint properties are used for helical joints
  • Documentation Change: CDt is actually based on cable diameter (FluidDiameter) and not the cable circumference.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed an issue involving the $TRamp property
  • Addressed issue with Extmasses on SCable with pay in/payout
  • Addressed an issue in the PostPDS that artificially capped the maximum number of wave segments to 99% of wave segments present in the simulation
  • Addressed issue affecting Universal and Spherical ABA joints
  • Addressed constraint force file output issue for ABA force connections
  • If you have any questions, or concerns please don’t hesitate to email support@dsa-ltd.ca

Happy Holidays!