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Supporting Renewable Energy

Dynamic Systems Analysis recently took part in an initiative with Marine Renewables Canada to further emphasize the opportunity that tidal energy can bring to Canada, and specifically Nova Scotia. DSA wrote letters to our local MLA’s and MP’s to demonstrate the opportunities and benefits industry development is creating for local businesses, communities, and organizations.

The purpose of this outreach initiative is to broaden the current dialogue around tidal energy by highlighting the bigger picture and positive outcomes of this new industry.


I am writing to you today to express my support for the tidal energy industry in Nova Scotia. Dynamic Systems Analysis LTD. (DSA) has been involved in the development of tidal energy in the Bay of Fundy since 2009, when we opened our office in Halifax.

DSA is an ocean engineering consultancy and software company. Our mission is to provide progressive and accessible dynamic analysis software, and expertise to enable those working with vessels, structures, lines and technologies in harsh marine environments to reduce risk.

DSA developed a hydrodynamic, mechanical and marine dynamic analysis software package called ProteusDS. This software package is used by ocean engineers and ocean industry professionals to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves.

Over the years DSA has thrived providing engineering services as part of a growing local supply chain to companies developing tidal energy technologies destined for the Bay of Fundy and around the world:

  • Cape Sharp Tidal / OpenHydro
  • Black Rock Tidal / Schottel Hydro
  • Fundy Tidal Inc.
  • Big Moon Power
  • Mavi Innovations and
  • Clean Current Inc.

The Bay of Fundy’s potential to produce clean, renewable electricity from its magnificent tides has not only opened up new opportunities for Dynamic Systems Analysis, but it is also creating new economic and environmental benefits for Nova Scotia and Canada as a whole.

In addition to our projects in the Bay of Fundy, DSA takes an active role in research and development for the marine renewable industry. DSA co-founder Dean Steinke is presently the co-chair of the engineering subcommittee on engineering for the Fundy Energy Research Network, and since 2013, DSA has been a key member of the NRCan ecoEnergy Innovation Initiative (ecoEII) project alongside Dalhousie, University of New Brunswick and Acadia University.

The NRCan ecoEII project is helping to reduce the cost of in-stream tidal energy through the development of comprehensive site assessment methods and technologies. Lessons learned from this project will help smaller and remote communities deploy small scale tidal energy systems and support them with their local equipment and capabilities.

Working with renewable marine energy, especially tidal energy companies in Nova Scotia, was a natural fit for DSA. Our business is based on reducing the risks associated with conducting business in the most challenging environment in the world, the ocean.

DSA saw the potential to work with progressive and innovative companies to develop solutions for a growing local and global industry as a tremendous opportunity. Nova Scotia is a leader in Canada in the development of tidal energy resources. DSA’s work with companies in the Bay of Fundy has been adapted to work in other parts of Canada and the world. DSA’s reputation and expertise in the ocean energy industry, had lead to new contracts, the hiring of two new employees in the last 6 months, and increased our collaborations on international research.

Recently DSA’s Director of Engineering, and co-founder Ryan Nicoll attended the annual IEC TC114 plenary held in Guangzhou, China. Ryan leads an international team developing and updating mooring standards for marine renewable technology.

The ocean plays an enormous role in our lives. It covers over 70% of our planet, and 44% of the global population lives within 150 kilometres of the coastline. Harnessing the renewable, thermal and mechanical energy generated by the ocean is a natural fit for any country with extensive coastlines.

Canada (with over 200,000 km of coastline), and Nova Scotia (with our rich tidal resources) have the unique opportunity to change the landscape of how we generate power. The marine energy industry is generating worldwide attention, and currently in Nova Scotia is creating jobs in rural communities across the province.

In his report Now or Never and Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians, Ray Ivany said “there are few of us who have yet to grasp the serious nature of our economic circumstances. Without new hope, we run the risk of not being able to stay here; and if we do, we will likely not enjoy the same standard of living or the level of public services and support we have today. Responsible development of our natural resources is an opportunity for growth and prosperity in Nova Scotia, particularly in our rural areas.”

Nova Scotia is, and can continue to be, a leader in marine renewable energy. To do that we must support tidal energy projects in Canada. DSA needs your support to grow Nova Scotia’s renewable energy industry, can we count on you?

For more information on Dynamic Systems Analysis please email info@dsa-ltd.ca