3D panel method hydrodynamic software for marine, offshore, defence, subsea and marine renewable applications

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ShipMo3D is a cutting-edge software application used to model the interactions of ships and offshore structures with waves and the marine environment.

Using advanced time and frequency domain options, ShipMo3D can be used to analyze freely maneuvering ships and other floating structures in a variety of sea states. Containing a wealth of features and models, ShipMo3D is capable of enhancing in-house analysis, design, and system optimization capabilities.

ShipMo3D is produced, supported and developed by DSA under license from Defence R&D Canada, an agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence. Having been validated again full and scale models, it is well suited to assist with marine analysis projects.

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  • Key Features & Benefits
    • Time and frequency domain analysis options
    • Accurately predicts hydrodynamics coefficients for nonslender ships and structures using 3D panel method.
    • Graphical user interface for effective and efficient problem setup and to reduce input errors in project work.
    • Built-in meshing utility that takes inputs based on hull lines and generates high quality meshes without the need for 3rd party software.
    • Library of standard hull components and models such as bilge keels, rudders and propellers.
    • Validated against full scale trial data and industry accepted software packages
    • Robust documentation and professional support from DSA
  • Pre-Processing Features
    • Graphical user interface for fast and easy data input
    • Built-in mesh generation based on specification of hull lines
    • Import hull geometry and externally generated meshes
  • Post-Processing and Analysis Features
    • Command line options for optimization
    • Nonlinear buoyancy option
    • Forward-speed effects
    • Built-in plotting and mesh visualization
    • ASCI I data output
    • Regular waves
    • Irregular waves (JONSWAP, Ochi-Hubble, Bretschneider, custom)
    • Bi-directional wave spectrum
    • Maneuvering coefficients input
    • Maneuvering and seakeeping simulation Easy batch-processing (RAOs for ranges of speed, heading)
    • RAO output for use in 3rd party software
  • Ship Modeling Options
    • Bilge keels
    • Foils
    • Rudders
    • Propellers
    • Azimuthing propellers
    • UTube tanks Slosh tanks
    • Non-slender hull shapes
    • Holtrop Mennen or custom resistance
  • ProteusDS Integration

    ShipMo3D exports a hydrodynamic database that can be imported into ProteusDS to enable analysis of applications that include nonlinear elements such as mooring lines, tow lines, winches, or mechanisms.

    Applications include:

    • Mooring
    • Cable lay
    • Towing
    • Wave energy converters
    • Floating or submerged tidal energy converters

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