Release Announcement v2.45

ProteusDS v2.45 is now available for download.


The software is ready to go, and login credentials for active subscribers will allow you to access ProteusDS v2.45 from our website.

Button to download ProteusDS

In case you’re wondering what’s new, we’ve highlighted some of the critical new features below.


NEW Tools for Modeling Oceanographic Moorings

This release is all about making it faster to design single leg moorings – we’re speaking to you oceanographers and mooring techs! Technically speaking, we’ve added a quasi-static cable model that allows users to solve for the steady state solution in a fraction of the time it would take to run a dynamic solution to achieve the same desired steady state.

Technical specifics aside, what does this mean for the ProteusDS user that designs single leg moorings? It simply means that you can solve for the inclination, excursion, knockdown, and tensions in either surface or subsurface moorings in seconds rather than hours. Once you’ve figured out the steady state layout of a mooring in response to a current profile, you can then run a dynamic case as usual with waves.

We’ve added two built-in quick-start templates to make it fast to get started with either surface or subsurface analyses with the quasi-static cable DObject. You select the template based on the type of mooring you want to analyze and follow the steps listed in the template to build your mooring model. Our tutorials have been updated to follow this workflow and explain all the details.

There are two new reports which display the results from quasi-static simulations, summarizing all key data. We’re pretty stoked about this!

Image of the quasi-static cable model in ProteusDS v2.45

The quasi-static cable model and surface and subsurface workflow tools allow users to rapidly build and test moorings from part libraries


NEW Cone Net Modeling

Ever tried to build a realistic net model? Cone shaped net pens and bird nets are incredibly common. We’ve added a new net state generator that makes it easy to build nets in a conical shape. These make fish farm modeling a snap.

Image of a conical shaped net pen in ProteusDS v2.45

Want to make a conical shaped net pen? That’s easy to do with the new conical state generator.


NEW Method to Quickly Save and Copy Projects

ProteusDS puts all your input files in a directory. Previously, users had to create a new folder every time they wanted to save a project. With a new save dialogue, you type the name of your project, the folder is placed in a working directory, and the *.PDSi file is created. Much easier than before!

Image of the new project saving feature in ProteusDS v2.45

Creating a new project? This is incredibly fast with the new project save dialogue. It greatly reduces chances of overwriting existing projects.


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