Are you and your organization looking to get answers fast?

Your business’s and your clients’ time is worth a lot. A ProteusDS training session will allow you to hit the ground running. There’s no better way to give you or your organization the skills needed to maximize your investment in ProteusDS.

Users who invest in ProteusDS Training report a higher return on investment for software purchases. In-person training covers details not easily conveyed in the tutorial and manual documentation.

DSA offers hands-on ProteusDS training courses, which range in level from introductory to advanced. Project and application-specific classes are provided on an as-requested basis.

  • Custom Training

    Training courses tailored for your organization’s application

    Training sessions can be run at DSA’s offices in either Halifax, Nova Scotia or Victoria, British Columbia or in your office.

    These courses are 100% customizable to cover any of the software products and features we support. They can focus on a specific project or application, or can provide general training for a group of users at an organization.

    Dates can be arranged to suit your organization’s schedule.

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  • Open Training

    Economical training sessions that accelerate productivity, and complement the manual and tutorials

    DSA offers standard training courses for ProteusDS which are open to any interested individuals on fixed dates throughout the year. These open events with typically around ten users, take place over two days, are aimed at novice to intermediate level users and cover standard materials that have been developed by DSA to complement tutorials and manuals.

    Open Training lead by Ryan Nicoll, Director of Operations

  • What to Expect

    Training sessions led by DSA engineers cover a wide variety of topics that include:

    • Environment modeling: wind, wave and current models
    • Simulation visualization tips and tricks
    • Advanced post-processing
    • Advanced ship hull hydrodynamics (Importing load and displacement RAOs)
    • Finite-element cable model basics (for moorings, towed systems, towlines, etc.
    • Control systems using PID controllers
    • 6DOF rigid body dynamics (for subsea vehicles, ships, boats, buoys, etc.)
    • Mechanism modeling (rigid body joint connections: prismatic, revolute, universal, etc.)
    • Advanced model manipulation and librar
    • Software shortcuts
  • I unexpectedly became really interested in using the API version of ProteusDS - I previously thought it was out of reach but it turns out there is a really great implementation of the interface. I was really impressed it was so easy to set up with Matlab... more software should be like that.

  • Watching the instructors Ryan, Andre and Colin use ProteusDS was very helpful, as there were a number of small, handy features that I didn't know about that will speed up and streamline how I use the software.

  • The training was extremely effective because of its tailored nature. It ensured we could focus on the things that were of real interest for us and we could ask specific questions.

  • I thought it was a great fast-paced dive into ProteusDS' capabilities, with ample opportunities for questions.