ProteusDS v2.46

Release Date: November 7th, 2018 (v2.46)


  • Improved reliability of the QuasiStaticCable DObject
  • Better support for lower quality computational meshes
  • Addressed an issue where waves could visualize incorrectly in specific situations where the ProteusDS solver correctly detected breaking conditions on a particular wave segment but did not communicate that with PostPDS.
  • Addressed situations where the cubic spline representation of a cable could visualize a node at a position off of the spline in a very specific situation in both PostPDS and ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Addressed an issue where changes to the .PDSi filename were not correctly reflected within ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Reformatted the title bar information for ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox to better reflect the current directory.
  • Reduced some instances of delay when the software is performing an online license authentication check.