ProteusDS Oceanographic Release 1.2

ProteusDS Oceanographic v1.2 is now available for download.

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Estimated component depths

Fine-tuning sensor positions on a mooring to reach target instrument depths can be tedious and time-consuming without quick feedback. The estimated depth of components is now available in Designer. This depth estimate is based only on static weight, buoyancy, and stretch of components. It instantly gives feedback to quickly dial in instrument positions in the early stages of mooring design.

ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer now displaces component depth in the water for surface and subsurface moorings using an approximation using component static weight and buoyancy


Mooring Diagram view

With dozens or even hundreds of components laid out in a list view, it can be easy to get lost in the details. The new mooring diagram view helps provide a graphical overview of the entire mooring. It provides schematic detail of lines and assemblies of the mooring as a whole.

The new Mooring Diagram view in ProteusDS Oceanographic gives a visual overview of the mooring as a whole


Export Bill of Materials and Assembly Layout to Excel file format

The previous raw-text file format was versatile but required a lot of extra clicking to be workable in Excel. Direct export to Excel file format is now available for working quickly with the Bill of Materials and Assembly Layout.

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