ProteusDS 2013

DSA is excited to announce that it has released a new version of ProteusDS. ProteusDS 2013 has many exciting new features, including:

  • Line segment property library
  • Feature library – allows re-use of properties across DObjects
  • Property documentation within PST
  • Several new controller DObjects allowing greater control of simulations
  • Improved mechanism modeling
  • Re-written and expanded manual with full master/follower property specification
  • Radiation / diffraction database feature
  • New built-in models for cuboids, spheroids, and cylinders
  • Greatly expanded tutorials
  • Improved performance
  • .. and much more

This major release has been designed to give users’ greater power and flexibility when simulating a wide array of marine mechanical systems. Stay tuned for more developments. For more information on ProteusDS, visit ProteusDS web page or email