Offshore Technology Conference



The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas is quickly approaching and Dynamic Systems Analysis (DSA) will be sending two delegates as members of the Maritime Energy Associations mission.

Held every year during the first week of May, OTC presents a key opportunity for off-shore energy professionals to meet, exchange ideas, opinions and to advance scientific and technology knowledge.

Here are some of our Top Reasons for heading to Houston for OTC;


  • Outstanding technical program brought to you by technical societies that cover all aspects of the energy industry.
  • Learning the inside scoop on the current state of the oil and gas industry.
  • Gaining exposure to rapid and disruptive technologies from other industries.
  • Seeing ground breaking, and never-seen-before technologies
  • Exchanging ideas and opinions with other industry professionals to advance scientific and technical knowledge of offshore resources
  • Expanding our vision of the offshore industry’s future
  • Sharing practical solutions to help the offshore industry advance their business
  • We want to be a part of “The Next Big Thing”


  • Over 90,000 delegates
  • From 130+ Countries
  • Over 2500 exhibitors
  • Great blend of industry executive, technical practitioners, R&D managers, entrepreneurs, young professionals and academics


  • Houston is the fourth largest American city and the world capital of the international energy industry

And if those reasons weren’t enough – you’ll always encounter something new and exciting at OTC.

Drop by the Canadian Pavilion 1817 to say hello or email to set up a meeting – we look forward to seeing you in Houston!