Top 5 Reasons Why DSA is attending

1. To learn:

  • Increasing our knowledge in emerging markets and technologies.
  • Increasing our technical knowledge on cutting edge research developing in the marine industry.
  • Visiting the global leader in ocean energy – the UK currently has more wave and tidal energy devices tested then the rest of the world combined

2. To network:

  • Representatives from 40 countries in attendance.
  • 100+ speakers sharing thoughts and experiences on ocean energy.
  • Over 900 ocean energy delegates in attendance.
  • Over 70 international exhibitors – find DSA at the Canadian Pavilion
  • Connecting with government and business decision makers with responsibilities across the United Kingdom, Europe, and international markets

3. To share:

  • Exchanging information with fellow ocean energy enthusiasts
  • Sharing our experiences working with industry leaders in tidal and wave power generation
  • Showcasing our teams extensive experience using our validated time-domain software ProteusDS for mooring and installation analysis specifically for tidal and wave energy applications.

4. To create partnerships:

  • The perfect spot for big ideas and conversations.
  • Exploring the potential of new and existing ocean energy projects.

5. To have fun:

  • We LOVE Scotland (and Scotch)
  • Enjoy discovering Edinburgh, Scotland a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Check out the spectacular FloWave Facility.