ProteusDS v2.45

Release Date: June 5th, 2018 (v2.45)

ProteusDS v2.45 Release Announcement


  • Added $WLL and $MBS to ExtMass, ExtMassCylinder and DCableSegment features
  • Added splash screen to ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox and dramatically decreased its loading time
  • Modified the RigidBodyDNetEdgeConnection to allow a RigidBody to constrain a partial span of a DNet edge.  Prior to this, the RigidBodyDNetEdgeConnection had to constrain an entire DNet edge.
  • Added QuasiStaticCable DObject
  • Added surface and subsurface mooring templates to ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox
  • Added cone net state generator
  • Added $SupplementaryProjectFile and $SupplementaryResultsFile to Simulation input file which allows supplementary simulation files to be managed


  • Made changes to cable state generator to resolve minor bugs
  • Updated project save dialogue