ProteusDS v2.43

Release Date: December 11th, 2017 (v2.43)

ProteusDS v2.43 Release Announcement


  • Added $WindSeed environment parameter.  This adds user control over the RNG seed for the wind spectra
  • Added flexural damping specification based on damping ratio for Cables
  • Added axial damping specification for Nets based on damping ratio
  • Added RK2 fixed timestep numerical integrator.
  • Added feature to the net model which supports modeling disk nets with no hole in the center
  • Added net flexural damping model
  • Added Thruster model
  • Added new ConstantTensionWinch mode for modeling render and recover winches
  • Added $LoadFeatureSummaryProbe for RigidBody DObjects to summarise the RigidBody load feature forces and moments at a specified location
  • Added support for slowly varying wave drift load modelling via sum difference quadratic transfer functions in the RigidBodyRadDiffHydrodynamicFeature hydrodynamic database.
  • Cables now display their nodes by default in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox Visualizer.
  • Additional Cable plot options have been added to PostPDS.
  • PostPDS now uses light green nodes (when in ‘Engineering’ view) to denote segment transitions.


  • Integrator feature property name changes to improve usability
  • RigidBody $HeightAboveSeabed property renamed to $HeightAboveSeabedProbe
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox has improved default sorting for features in the Library view.
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox better remembers the values that were used to initialize the state of Nets.

Resolved issues:

  • Correction to Net natural coordinates function which affects visualization of placement of ExtMasses
  • ConstantStiffnessReference in HDDB now accepts degrees as input
  • Addressed an issue that allowed reports to be generated from ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox before a simulation completed
  • PostPDS now better supports $CableSegmentSpecifiedFromNodeN