ProteusDS v2.29

Release Date: August 10th, 2016 (v2.29)

ProteusDS v2.29 Release Announcement

  • Additions
    • Added adaptive meshing at waterline for mesh-based hydrodynamics
    • Added polynomial axial rigidity model for cables
    • Added tension deadband for cable pretension mode
    • Added optional splitting of CDt in CDtx, CDty, CDtz for mesh-based hydrodynamic features: CustomMesh, Cuboid, Spheroid, and Cylinder
    • Added linear and quadratic damping features for cables with support for absolute and relative fluid velocities
    • Added many new output files — primarily for RigidBody DObjects


    • A number of properties have been renamed for improved clarity. However, support for backwards compatibility is in place and existing simulations should be unaffected
    • Improved support in PostPDS for loading extremely large files

    Resolved Issues

    • Addressed an issue pertaining to constant time cable hysteresis models
    • Significantly reduced the memory footprint of simulations that contain spatially varying current profiles
    • Addressed several issues pertaining to ‘Auto-resolve’ functionality that was not meeting expectations
    • Added error-checking when exporting videos with extremely low frame rates