ProteusDS v2.25

Release Date: April 8th, 2016 (v2.25)


      • Implemented a new, simpler licensing mechanism for the entire suite of ProteusDS utilities. All licenses are now installed via the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox and stored in a single location, as defined by the operating system. The default location is ‘C:\ProgramData\Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd\ProteusDS\License’
      • Implemented wave-current interaction. ProteusDS generates waves at request wave period as always but now accounts for the current when computing the wave number. This change means that simulations with both waves and current will produce different results than with previous versions of ProteusDS.
      • Functionality has been added to the ProteusDS API to dynamically connect/disconnect cables.
      • Added initial capability for large resolution screenshots in PostPDS. This functionality will be expanded in the future to support even higher resolutions.


      • Revisited simulation initialization routines that should result in dramatically improved loading times in the ProteusDS solver.
      • The RigidBodyABAConnections.dat file (generated when two or more RigidBodies are connected via an ABA connection) has been modified to provide the joint reaction loads rather than the ABA articulated forces and bias forces.

Resolved Issues

    • Resolved an issue in PostPDS that could cause an error on reloading of a simulation if the ‘Environment’ node were un-selected and only one of ‘Water’ or ‘Sea Floor’ nodes were selected.
    • Resolved an issue in PostPDS that could arise if invalid XML characters are manually inserted into library files.
    • Resolved an issue with the ‘Auto-Connect’ cables wizard not consistently accepting the selected ExtMass feature name.
    • Resolved an issue with the visualization of a project not correctly updating if an ABA connect was deleted.
    • Resolved an issue where some UI elements were erroneously available while a simulation was in-progress.