ProteusDS v2.20

Release Date: December 18th, 2015 (v2.20)

ProteusDS v2.20 Release Announcement


  • Added a new wind-generated current model.
  • Added the ability to import Features from previous simulations into the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added additional visualization options to the pre-visualizer in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added the ability to perform rotations on DObjects in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added support for spherical, universal, and helical ABA connections in the ProteusDS Simulation toolbox.


  • Modified the cable remeshing functionality in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox to allow users to specify custom element lengths.
  • Changed the default generation method for wave segments to improve energy realization in the sea state. Note that this change will result in a slightly different sea state being generated than in previous versions. If the identical sea state must be used, please refer to the $WaveType functionality to import an existing ‘WaveParameters.dat’ file.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed an issue involving the $TRamp property.
  • Addressed an issue in the in PostPDS that artificially capped the maximum number of wave segments to 99% of the wave segments present in the simulation.