ProteusDS v2.18

Release Date: August 17th, 2015 (v2.18)

ProteusDS v2.18 Release Announcement

  • Improved pre-visualizer, with ability to scale axes and initial support for Cable selection
  • Renamed ‘Initial Condition’ to ‘State’ through documentation and UI to make way for improved handling of initial conditions, restarted simulations, etc.
  • Refactored user experience in PST via updated iconography
  • Revised PST layout, new DObject shortcuts
  • Added description of DObject/Feature/Connections to respective creation dialogues
  • Added Node 0 and Node N velocity plotting capabilities in PostPDS to facilitate single leg mooring steady state analysis
  • Revised ExtMassCylinder rendering location/orientation
  • Improvements to PostPDS touch-screen interface
  • Enhancements to ‘presentationSettings.dat’ functionality
  • Added on-the-fly cable disconnection for PDS API
  • Added option for accounting of the cable radius with the simple cable soil contact model.
  • Corrections to cable connection — pinned connection is forced when P1/P2 are not specified.
  • Added rotational stiffness to force connection
  • Added descriptions to PST for DObjects, connections, and features.
  • Added descriptions to PST for DObject state vectors.
  • Added two new WaypointModes to Waypoint Feature: Smooth velocity transitions via cosine function, velocity waypoints
  • Added RigidBody Thruster feature.
  • Fixed the time varying current profile — it is no longer reliant on the TRamp system for changing currents.
  • Added ballast tank feature
  • Changed the default CDt on rigid body hydrodynamics features from 0.01 to 0.0
  • Improvements to cable hydrodynamics loading model
  • SCable Extmass bug fix
  • Added submergence probe for cables.
  • Consolidated variable drag and buoyancy functionality under VBuoy flag for PointMasses, ExtMasses, and Cable models.
  • Added preliminary support to PST for pre-visualizing ExtMasses on Net DObjects