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Why you need breathing space between glass floats on oceanographic moorings

When you’re in a rush, finding a place to park your car can be a relief. But relief can turn to dread when you eyeball the spot and start to […]

CFD for marine industries

DSA Ocean has extensive experience in conducting hydrodynamic analysis studies for marine industry applications using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). To keep our partners informed of our expanding capabilities, we’ve put […]

Why tiny active stabilizers have a large effect on ship roll motions

What do an elephant and a manatee have in common? It might sound like the start of a good joke, but it is pure biology. The answer is they have […]

How antiroll tanks work to passively reduce ship roll

The Hippopotamus has four legs for walking on land, yet it is closely related to whales and dolphins. This shows particularly when it comes to sleep: Hippos can do so […]

ShipMo3D Update

After extensive beta testing in partnership with Defense Research and Development Canada, ShipMo3D version 4 is now available. So what are some of the new capabilities in version 4? Reduce […]

Join the interactive Oceanographic Mooring Design Seminar at the Buoy Workshop September 19, 2022

When designing moorings, it’s easy to get lost in the details of all the parts you need Purpose-built software is needed to make it easy to find parts, arrange them, […]

Why the sensitivity of ship roll damping makes naval architects sweat

Dolphins might act like they have x-ray vision. But it’s not their eyes that help them see through the ground. Their fine-tuned sonar capabilities have made them a valuable part […]

Why drag loads are underwhelming at damping floating system motion

Snow is rare in my Canadian city. This might surprise you, given Canada’s reputation as a northern and wintry country, but I am lucky to live near the coast. The […]

Why it’s hard to distinguish between the effects of buoy and line drag on mooring knockdown

The southern border between the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta is, in places, very irregular. It might even seem to be random at first glance. Yet, there is […]

When you need to fine tune surface buoy damping (and when you don’t)

Professional athletes make artistic synchronized swimming look effortless. Yet it is an incredibly demanding sport: it requires tremendous muscle power, endurance, and control to tread water and perform an elaborate […]

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