Why you see modular oceanographic mooring design everywhere

Something strange happens to you when you start thinking about buying a new car or bicycle. These are relatively big purchases for most people, so you spend a bit of time thinking about a few choices. When you spend time thinking about different options, the subtle design details and shape

How to correct subsurface mooring knockdown

Manatees are sophisticated, high-performance swimmers. You might look at one of these cuddly blubberous hulks and think otherwise, but it’s true. By high performance, I don’t mean they are incredibly fast. Instead, it’s how they keep their ungainly bulk in control. Because they are so large, it would be a

When to check instrument depth in oceanographic mooring design

In the late 19th century, the Hawaiian sugar industry was sweating, but it wasn’t from the heat. It was because of rats. The rat population was eating up way too much of their sugar crop. And the problem was getting worse. So what could be done to help keep things

Introducing DSA Ocean

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. is an organization that cares about the ocean; it plays the central role in our business. It is a source of beauty and inspiration to our team. Whether we’re surfing, sailing, looking at it, or working on it, we are passionate about the ocean that lies

How mooring deflection disrupts oceanographic data quality

Sloths may be slow, but they’re not stupid. They rely heavily on stealth and blending in with their surroundings. Now, frankly, relieving themselves up high in a tree would make a lot of noise and attract unwanted attention. So how do they handle the call of nature? It is risky,

Why drag force is more than just resistance

It’s tough to beat Nature. You don’t have to look in a top secret lab to find one of the most miraculously slippery fluids on the planet. You can just look at your knee! Lining many of your joints is an egg-white coloured substance called Synovial Fluid. Among its many

How to understand the nature of buoyancy

Sand is the most extracted resource on the planet. It makes sense, too, when you realize that it is a crucial ingredient in concrete, glass, and, of course, electronics – it shows up almost everywhere. But in recent years, the extraction of sand has increased dramatically. Growth in urban cities,

Why free body diagrams eliminate confusion in engineering design

There is a small town on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium that has an identity crisis. That’s right – it’s not only people that can have existential angst but a physical town, too! This town is split between the Netherlands and Belgium – literally. The problem stems from

When profilers are optimized for control

It’s impossible to see a Frogfish. It’s not because of their camouflage, even though it is incredibly intricate. It’s not because they swim quickly, either: they are not very streamlined, and many Frogfish will lumber around slowly and mainly try to stay in one spot. What I mean is that

When prolifers are specially adapted to ride ocean waves

When you think of Owls, “ninja” might not be the first thing that crosses your mind. But there’s a good argument for it: like a ninja, owls are incredibly stealthy. These birds are the only animal that can fly absolutely silently. Their silent flight ability stems in part from their

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