DSA has diverse experience in designing mooring systems for a wide variety of applications and marine environments. Our team uses its expertise in hydrodynamics to deliver client-centred engineering services from its Canadian offices.

We have engineered mooring systems for applications such as marinas, ferry terminals, water reclamation barges, floating breakwaters, docks, and floating pipelines. For offshore or high-energy nearshore areas DSA has designed multi-leg moorings for fish farms, feed barges, shellfish longlines, wave energy devices, tidal platforms, and more.

Following recognized standards such as API-RP-2SK, DNVOS-E301, IEC62600-10, and ISO19901-7, DSA ensures that ultimate, accident and fatigue limit states are evaluated to minimize risk and satisfy insurance or classification requirements. We help clients to establish the basis of design, by determining the wind, wave, and current
conditions to use in the analysis.

We use industry-recognized ocean engineering software to calculate the effects of current, wind and wave loading on the mooring system and marine structures. CFD, dynamic analysis, and FEA are used during the process.

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  • Spread Moorings

    Design asymmetric multi-leg mooring systems that are to be installed near shore in variable water depth.

  • Pile Modeling

    Assess loads and motions of marine infrastructure such as ferry terminal pontoons, tailings pond barges, or marinas which incorporate piles.

  • dock analysis

    Examine the coupled motion and joint loads between floating walkways, docks, gangways, and shore connections.

  • Winches

    Determine peak fairlead loads and pretension requirements for winch selection.


    Analyze stresses, deflections, and hydrodynamic loading on floating or submerged steel or HDPE pipes.


    Assess gravity, drag embedment, rock anchors, or screw anchoring solutions.

  • Applications

    Single leg moorings for metocean, oceanography, science and R&D applications

    • Wave energy device moorings
    • Tidal energy device moorings
    • Analysis of fish farm moorings (open net cage aquaculture)
    • Analysis of shellfish farms (raft and long line)
    • Multi-leg moorings for oil and gas applications
    • Moorings for navigation aid buoys
    • In-shore barge moorings
    • Vessel moorings
    • Buoy engineering
    • Station keeping systems
    • Cable ferries
    • Floating breakwaters

Design asymmetric multi-leg mooring systems that are to be installed near shore in variable water depth.