We use computational fluid dynamics to advise our clients on marine hydrodynamics questions.


Across all ocean sectors, questions arise regarding how flow and structures interact. DSA provides computational fluid dynamics consulting services focused on ocean engineering applications to help our clients answer questions related to fluid mechanics.

This analysis allows us to determine wind loads, hull resistance, drag coefficients, viscous effects, lift forces, and more. CFD is frequently complementary to our dynamic analysis simulations as these studies help us to identify model parameters for complex geometries. Reducing our clients financial and technical risks by ensuring their numerical models are accurate.

We use our in-house computational cluster to efficiently and accurately apply CFD to applications such as subsea structures, offshore platforms, wave energy, tidal energy,  towed bodies, ROVs, AUVs, buoys and more.


Project Examples


Resistance analysis of complex barge hull

Image of a CFD analysis of a complex barge hull

Analysis to determine subsea platform stability in tidal flows

Image of a CFD analysis of the FAST subsea platform

AUV / UUV subsea vehicle hydrodynamics

Image of an AUV/ UUV CFD analysis


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