Day: 30 November 2022

CFD for marine industries

DSA Ocean has extensive experience in conducting hydrodynamic analysis studies for marine industry applications using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). To keep our partners informed of our expanding capabilities, we’ve put together a short sample of our capabilities. From a simple estimate of wind or drag loads on a structure, to complex free-surface wave-structure interaction – we have the experience to efficiently deliver results.

Simulation of a ship hull

  • Quantify hull drag for specified maneuvering conditions.
  • Get ship dynamic response from incident sea state.
  • Quantify wave slamming force.
  • Visualize separated flow regions along the hull.

DSA Ocean’s simulation of a vessel hull using StarCCM+

Simulation of closed and semi-closed fish farm containment systems

  • Determine optimal pump layout for targeted flow magnitude and uniformity.
  • Quantify water residence time.
  • Determine optimal location for oxygen release.
  • Quantify impact of container shape on flow behavior.

DSA Ocean’s CFD Simulation of internal flows in a flexible container

Simulation of moored buoy in extreme wave conditions

  • Quantify hydrodynamic forces on a buoy under a specified extreme wave condition.
  • Determine risk of overtopping

DSA Ocean’s CFD Simulation of a buoy in extreme sea state

Simulation of subsurface buoy

  • Quantify relevant drag coefficients (can be fed into ProteusDS software for subsequent higher fidelity mooring analysis).

DSA Ocean’s CFD simulation of a streamlined subsurface buoy

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