Day: 29 August 2022

Join the interactive Oceanographic Mooring Design Seminar at the Buoy Workshop September 19, 2022

When designing moorings, it’s easy to get lost in the details of all the parts you need

Purpose-built software is needed to make it easy to find parts, arrange them, and adjust them into a design. ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer is a free purpose-built software tool for oceanographic mooring design. But learning any new software takes time.

Quickly learn the ins and outs of ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer in a training session during the Buoy Workshop. We’ll cover the design process and create basic mooring designs with the software. Use the interactive training session to ask questions on software use and collaborate with others in the oceanographic mooring sector.

The Design Process is not always a straight shot. The Mooring Design Seminar covers these points, but stays focused on Detailed Design with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer.

Attend the training session virtually or face to face

In partnership with MTS and the Buoy Workshop, a room at the Cape Fear Community College will be used for the training session. Just like the Buoy Workshop has virtual or face-to-face attendance, the training is delivered virtually, so you can meet with the group or through a weblink from any location.

Details on the Mooring Design Seminar session:

who: DSA Ocean CTO Ryan Nicoll will host the Mooring Design Seminar via Zoom


when:  Monday, September 19, from 14:00-16:00 Eastern Time


where: via Zoom and also via meeting room at the Cape Fear Community College, Wilmington, NC. Zoom link and meeting room details on the meeting room are provided after you register for the Buoy Workshop.


what will be covered: an overview of the design process and how to assemble simple mooring designs with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer


how much does it cost: It is included with your Buoy Workshop registration


what you need to attend: You’ll need a Windows PC laptop that can run Zoom and the freely available ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer. Download Designer from this direct link:

Read more on ProteusDS Oceanographic here:

Register for the Buoy Workshop to join the interactive Mooring Design Seminar with ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer

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