Month: April 2022

ProteusDS Update

Based on feedback from users, we’ve made a few notable adjustments to our software.

ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer is now more streamlined

The Official Parts Library is now more integrated into ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer. The most up-to-date version of our Official Parts Library is now included with every install package so no additional download is required. Additionally, the library is automatically included in every new project, so there’s no more hunting for your local copy. You can now create new parts directly within an Oceanographic Designer project. It’s also easy to export all project parts into a new parts library files from Oceanographic Designer at any time.

Introducing ProteusDS Core

We are always working on new capabilities and software tools. From time to time, some reorganization in programs is needed to better support future plans and development. ProteusDS Core is a new name for an existing bundle of ProteusDS programs many of you are already familiar with. ProteusDS Core includes ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox, PostPDS, ProteusDS Queueing Manager, the Report Tool etc. One additional change is that we have now moved the Parts Library Editor into ProteusDS Core. This is to better integrate part libraries across other applications in the future. Download ProteusDS Core any time through your existing user account and credentials.

All ProteusDS software tools are now also 64-bit

One key benefit of this is that even larger datasets can be loaded into PostPDS. The result of these changes is that the installation process will require the uninstallation of both existing ProteusDS Oceanographic and ProteusDS tools first. This is included in the installer tools for both the new versions of ProteusDS Core and ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer.

ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer is still freely available to download as a stand-alone tool

The functionality you’ve become accustomed to when assembling moorings and creating parts is still available. These changes, based on user feedback, mean it is now even faster and easier to use when creating new mooring designs. Use ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer to explore sample mooring layout files also available on the Oceanographic Downloads page.

We plan to update our video tutorials soon

Be aware that our video tutorial materials still reflect workflows in the previous version of the tools. However, we are in the process of updating them. Be sure to double-check the version number in the video tutorial header to gauge the differences in the software.

ProteusDS Oceanographic Designer v1.3 is now available for download.

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