Day: 23 February 2021

Introducing DSA Ocean

Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. is an organization that cares about the ocean; it plays the central role in our business. It is a source of beauty and inspiration to our team. Whether we’re surfing, sailing, looking at it, or working on it, we are passionate about the ocean that lies beneath all of what we do.

As is somewhat self-evident from the name Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd., when Ryan Nicoll and I started our company, we had the vision to create a business centered on dynamic simulation technology. We were interested in helping engineers to design better products. We were passionate about enabling others and growing. It wasn’t a completely ocean-exclusive idea at conception. But coming from the Subsea Robotics Lab at UVic, we never fully broke away from marine applications. The ocean is a challenging place to work, and there is no shortage of opportunity to apply digital technology to help solve problems.

Indeed, over the years, the use of ProteusDS, our marine dynamic analysis software product, has grown substantially. And we’ve become thoroughly committed to supporting the ocean industries we work in through organizations such as Marine Renewables Canada, ABCMI, BC Salmon Farmers, and CIMarE. Our staff are naval architects, ocean technologists, ocean engineers, civil engineers, and fluid dynamicists. Our customers and hence our business is ocean-based.

So today we’re eager to announce that from now on DSA will be doing business as DSA Ocean. Our new brand, DSA Ocean, pays tribute to where we’ve come from. The new logo preserves our cable-dynamics heritage – with that iconic ROV umbilical cross-section. It retains the familiar DSA as a reference to our legal name Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. But the new name and logo strongly emphasize our connection to the ocean and how we engage in the broader blue economy. We’re excited to take this new focus forward with our new and future clients!

Dean Steinke, CEO
DSA Ocean