Month: February 2016

2016 Events

We’re crossing the globe

to attend industry events near you


Aquaculture 2016

February 22nd – 26th

Las Vegas, Nevada

Our engineer-in-training, Adam is presenting his master’s thesis work. His thesis focused on the hydrodynamic wake properties of scale model fish cages and fish cage arrays, to gain a better understanding of wake velocity, wake topology, wake turbulence and wake recovery. The results of his work are being used to better understand how to place extractive species in aquaculture farms for optimized nutrient extraction.

Check out Adam’s session IMTA/Aquaculture on Wednesday, February 24th at 10:30am. Location TBD


International Conference on Ocean Energy ICOE2016

February 23rd – 25th

Edinburgh, Scotland

Check out our Top 5(ish) reasons for attending here

DSA is attending as a member of the Marine Renewables Canada Mission, stop by booth #8 to say “Hi”



TC114 Plenary

April 14th – 15th

Guangzhou, China

Ryan Nicoll, Director of Engineering and co-found of DSA is a member of the standards committee for Marine energy – Wave, tidal and other water current converters.


Buoy Workshop

April 19th – 21st

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Our electrical engineer Colin with be presenting a paper on ” Validation of moored surface buoys using advanced dynamics modeling”. Time and location TBD.



Offshore Technology Conference OTC2016

May 2nd – 5th

Houston, Texas

DSA is attending as a member of the Canadian Delegation – stay tuned for more details.


May 5th – 6th

St. John’s, Newfoundland


H20 Conference

June 8th

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Marine Renewable Energy British Columbia Open House

June 14th

Victoria, British Columbia


 ProteusDS user workshop and training

September 7th & 8th

Victoria, British Columbia

Event details

Ocean Renewable Energy Conference XI

September 21st & 22nd

Portland, Oregon


Asian Wave & Tidal Energy Conference Series AWTEC 2016

October 24th –  28th

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

*DSA ocean engineer Andrew Baron will be presenting a paper entitled “Validation of ProteusDS numerical model using TRITON tank test data ”

INORE Symposium

October 29th –  November 2nd

Orono, Maine

*DSA will be putting on a ProtuesDS workshop


INORE Symposium

October 29th –  November 2nd

Orono, Maine

Marine Renewables Canada Annual Conference

November 3rd & 4th

Halifax, Nova Scotia

*Event sponsor

 10th International Tidal Energy Summit

November 22rd – 24th

London, England

*Event sponsor


*This list will be updated periodically throughout the year as conference and event attendance is confirmed.



Top 5 Reasons Why DSA is attending

1. To learn:

  • Increasing our knowledge in emerging markets and technologies.
  • Increasing our technical knowledge on cutting edge research developing in the marine industry.
  • Visiting the global leader in ocean energy – the UK currently has more wave and tidal energy devices tested then the rest of the world combined

2. To network:

  • Representatives from 40 countries in attendance.
  • 100+ speakers sharing thoughts and experiences on ocean energy.
  • Over 900 ocean energy delegates in attendance.
  • Over 70 international exhibitors – find DSA at the Canadian Pavilion
  • Connecting with government and business decision makers with responsibilities across the United Kingdom, Europe, and international markets

3. To share:

  • Exchanging information with fellow ocean energy enthusiasts
  • Sharing our experiences working with industry leaders in tidal and wave power generation
  • Showcasing our teams extensive experience using our validated time-domain software ProteusDS for mooring and installation analysis specifically for tidal and wave energy applications.

4. To create partnerships:

  • The perfect spot for big ideas and conversations.
  • Exploring the potential of new and existing ocean energy projects.

5. To have fun:

  • We LOVE Scotland (and Scotch)
  • Enjoy discovering Edinburgh, Scotland a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Check out the spectacular FloWave Facility.