Month: May 2015

ProteusDS v2.15.3

Release Date: May 8th, 2015 (v2.15.3)

  • Improved performance of ProteusDS Queueing Manager on very large simulation sets in exchange of update interval (updates now occur approximately once every five seconds instead of several times per second).
  • Addressed potential sources of error in reaction load reporting.
  • Additional information is now written regarding extMass and extMassCylinder.
  • Addressed a potential source of error when a RigidBody is operating in ABA mode and the CGPosition is non-zero.

Release Date: March 18th, 2015 (v2.15.3)

  • Added multiple wave object support (for multiple-spectra modeling)
  • Added custom spectrum support
  • Added ability to load custom wave segments via input file
  • Added ability to load custom wave spectra via input file
  • Added wave heading spread parameter
  • Improvements to geometry warning messages
  • Added depth transition capability for Buoyancy/FK loading computation for custom and parametric meshes. (uses volume for buoyancy after a certain depth).
  • Added Wind-driven currents
  • Added kinematic control of joint via the API
  • Added relative velocity probes
  • Improvements to foil feature error checking
  • New output file management system
  • Minor file output format changes
  • Added ABA joint force output file
  • Transitioned network communication functionality to a new core library component in preparation for a new, lighter-weight PQM to be released at a later time
  • PostPDS: Added support for the DObject type ‘SCable’
  • PostPDS: Integrated touchscreen support
  • PostPDS: Added support for $WaveFeature and the revised format of ‘Wave_Parameters.dat’
  • PostPDS: Added ‘Use Multithreading Wave Rendering’ as an option that is remembered between sessions
  • PostPDS: Addressed an error that was occurring when restricting the maximum number of wave segments that should be displayed at any given time (and was preventing users from specifying this value in the ‘Edit Water’ dialog)
  • ProteusDS Queueing Manager: Add functionality to the ProteusDS Configuration Utility to reduce the communications interval between ProteusDS and PQM thereby enhancing performance when running a very larger number of sims concurrently (>60)
  • PST: Added support in IC generator and pre-visualization for new DObject type ‘SCable’
  • PST: Addressed an issue with ‘auto-resolve followers’ not performing as intended in very specific scenarios
  • PST: Added prompt to open copy in new instance of PST to ‘Save Project Copy As’ button
  • PST: Addressed an issue with ‘Goto Project Folder’ being disabled in some situations
  • PST: Changed the default selected node to always be ‘Environment’ when opening a project (previous state was somewhat random)