Month: December 2014

ProteusDS v2.12.2

Release Date: December 18th, 2014 (v2.12.2)

  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed a communication issue with the ProteusDS solver on some language settings.
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Adjusted the formatting of the simulation status display while a simulation is running.

Release Date: December 18th, 2014 (v2.12.1)

  • Added Pointmass to Pointmass connections
  • Added Pointmass feature to define common Pointmass DObject properties
  • Added Stoke 5th order wave support
  • Added TurbineFeature mode 3: Prescribed TSR
  • Added file output for the relative axial fluid velocity seen at the hub of a TurbineFeature
  • Added Environment class output file (waveSpectrum.dat) describing the theoreticaly wave spectrum using during a PDS run.
  • ABA joints can now be kinematically controlled by TurbineFeature (RPM/TSR control).
  • Extended functionality of ProteusDS API to enable increased interaction with cable, environment and rigidbody DObjects
  • Updated API to enable direct kinematic control of boundary nodes of a cable.
  • Reconfigured boundary control flags for cable to be kinematic mode similar to RigidBody.
  • Update to facilitate changing reference speed and heading of RigidBodys using RAO features.
  • Added ability to output sea height information via API.
  • Improvements to sea state transitioning code.
  • Fix: Frequency spectrum limits are now updated with peak period is changed.
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed an issue in DObject duplication that could occur in some situations
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed warning-reporting issues with very quickly running simulations
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Removed the ability to view the Console log for a given ProteusDS simulation run. To view log manually, navigate to results folder and open ‘console.txt’
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Added support for type-2 point mass definitions
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Refined order for simulation status displays while a simulation is running
  • PostPDS: Added the ability to toggle between regular display mode and a full-screen 3D window. To activate full-screen, press CTRL+F9; to leave full-screen, press ESCAPE
  • PostPDS: Added support for type-2 point mass definitions