Month: October 2014

ProteusDS v2.9.4

Release Date: October 29th,  2014 (v2.9.4)

  • First BETA release of ProteusDS 2015

ProteusDS v2.9.1

Release Date: October 15th,  2014 (v2.9.1)

  • Preliminary BETA release of ProteusDS 2015
  • Added 2.5D and 3D spatially/temporally varying currents
  • Added constant tension winch
  • Added control modes and power takeoff for turbine feature
  • Added support for blending the thrust load between the relative fluid flow direction and the rotor’s axial direction for turbine feature
  • Added DCableDCableEndConnection to allow users ability to connect one end of a cable to another
  • Added file output and adjusted sliding/VRoller connection for improved pipelay analysis
  • Improvements to RAODatabase class
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Added pre-visualization capability