Month: October 2013

Marine Engineering: The New Wave

The Vancouver Island Branch of the Canadian Institute of Marine Engineering is hosting a conference and technical exhibition called “Marine Engineering: The New Wave”, June 12 and 13, 2014, at the Delta Ocean Point Resort, located on Victoria’s Inner Harbour.

The New Wave

The New Wave: Marine Engineering

The New Wave aims to explore the latest developments in the marine industry focusing on ocean and marine engineering, ship design, ship building, ship operations and the sundry challenges and opportunities, by providing a wide scope of engaging technical presentations by relevant leaders in their respective fields. Associated with the conference, in the Exhibition Hall, will be industry information booths and tabletop displays attended by the various leading equipment and service providers. The New Wave will be an ideal networking opportunity in a welcoming environment of dedicated professionals from all levels of the marine industry. The diversified program will educate, offer insight and possible solutions to issues that affect marine professionals, now and into the future.

ProteusDS 2013

DSA is excited to announce that it has released a new version of ProteusDS. ProteusDS 2013 has many exciting new features, including:

  • Line segment property library
  • Feature library – allows re-use of properties across DObjects
  • Property documentation within PST
  • Several new controller DObjects allowing greater control of simulations
  • Improved mechanism modeling
  • Re-written and expanded manual with full master/follower property specification
  • Radiation / diffraction database feature
  • New built-in models for cuboids, spheroids, and cylinders
  • Greatly expanded tutorials
  • Improved performance
  • .. and much more

This major release has been designed to give users’ greater power and flexibility when simulating a wide array of marine mechanical systems. Stay tuned for more developments. For more information on ProteusDS, visit ProteusDS web page or email